Welcome to the Genocide Resource Project

Based at Northern Arizona University, the Genocide Resource Project comprises a number of different genocide related databases and a Geographic Information System (GIS) of genocide. This website is intended to provide scholars, researchers, and educators with genocide and Holocaust related data that can be used for analysis and teaching related purposes. Currently, the project is comprised of the following three major components: Der Stürmer Archives, Genocide GIS, and the Genocide Resources database.

Project Updates

The Genocide GIS has a new styled map theme, marker clustering, and legend. More updates on the way! You can view the new map in fullscreen mode here. - 26 November, 2013

Der Stürmer Archives


This database contains the cartoons that were featured prominently on the front page of this Nazi newspaper which was in publication from 1923 to 1945 along with translation of the captions.

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Genocide GIS


This mapping project involves the development of a navigable mapping system that allows users to access images and statistical data on selected aspects of genocide organized by geographic location and time.

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Genocide Resources


This database contains a variety of genocide related resources that includes pictorial, statistical, definitional, and historical data and documents from a number of different examples of genocide.

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