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Der Stürmer Archives

Front Page Number 36 1927 "Zeitungsjude und Hakenkreuzlertag"
"Glückliches Frankreich, dir kommt nu das zu gute, was Deutschland an mir verloren hat. Toi - toi - toi"
"Zugepackt Schwarzer, auf die Art kriegen mer Europa am schnellsten in die Krallen"

The Der Stürmer Archives is comprised of the front-page cartoons that were a prominent feature of the Nazi newspaper of the same name. Founded in May 1923, the newspaper was in print, with a few interruptions until shortly before the end of the war in 1945. While never the official newspaper of the Nazi party, Der Stürmer had a wide following in Germany. Its appeal was rooted in its controversial, crude, and anti-Semitic nature.

Project Highlights:

  • The only complete digitized collection of Der Stürmer
  • Over 1100 anti-Semitic cartoons translated and analyzed

Genocide GIS

The Genocide GIS mapping program combines geographic information along with images, text, and statistical data. This integration of mapping technology with genocide research and data will provide an innovative means of analyzing and interpreting genocide occurrences, both historic and contemporary. By merging recent technological innovations in web based mapping programs with more traditionally styled information, the Genocide GIS will provide a multi-layered source of information on this destructive form of collective political behavior.

Project Highlights:

  • Styled map design
  • Marker clustering for a clean look
  • Legend added for custom data points
  • Interactive map with an easy to use interface
  • Information balloons for each coordinate
  • Increasing in size and information